Vivid Gamer was founded in February 2011 by a few everyday gaming enthusiasts. Many “gamers” never get the chance to write for a gaming website, and that’s why we started Vivid Gamer. The founding staff weren’t professional writers, but were always interested in getting their foot in the door in the video game industry. We started out as a website built by the average gamer and have been around now for over a year providing great content that we are very proud of.

We pride ourselves with providing great content that the everyday gamer would be interested in. We don’t compromise the quality of our content to just simply regurgitate content that you might have seen elsewhere. Our reviews are very in-depth and we always try to focus on aspects of the game that the average consumer will be looking for. Our coverage spans all genres on multiple consoles/devices because that’s what gamers are into. The Vivid Gamer staff are just your everyday gamers so we make it a point to not focus on one console or one genre. Most gamers aren’t only playing games on one console or only play one genre. Our editorials don’t pull any punches. If we, as gamers, are upset or annoyed by something within in the industry we make that clear in our opinion articles. Finally we strive to give you the best news coverage we can by giving you an unbiased look at the gaming industries news.

Vivid Gamer is a site that continues to grow with more news coverage, editorials, reviews, previews and now exclusive video content. We hope we can continue to engage the ever growing diverse gaming community no matter what they play or what console they play on.