Dec 10, 2014

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Hero Panda Bomber Released Earlier This Month

Hero Panda Bomber Released Earlier This Month


ElitApps, an indie game developer studio, released Hero Panda Bomber earlier this month. Hero Panda Bomber was developed in cooperation with NVIDIA and is a showcased title for the company’s flagship K1 chip. An interesting note that I actually liked finding out was that a portion of the game’s revenue is donated to the World Wildlife Federation to support Giant Pandas as well as encourage others to donate to the WWF as well.

In Hero Panda Bomber, you take on the role of a panda dad on a mission to save his kids who have been kidnapped by the evil emperor Genghis Yak. Though many foes try to hinder your progress, there are many power ups that can make the odds be in your favor. At the end of each world, you can take on one of the emperor’s generals. Features include:

  • High-quality 3D graphics
  • Superb gameplay with multiple play styles
  • More than 30 hand-crafted levels with more coming soon!
  • More than 20 different types of enemies, including end-game bosses!
  • Beautiful oriental soundtrack!
  • Collect power-ups! (flames, bombs, speed, detonator, shield, etc.) Diamonds! Gold!
  • Free to Play, No pay-walls, No timers, No overpriced iAPs
  • Plays great with full controller support & enhanced visuals on NVIDIA SHIELD tablet
  • Hours of endless fun and more bombs than you will ever need

Recently, a secret nightmare level was announced¬†for those who feel this Bomberman-inspired title is child’s play. Though it can be beaten without purchasing any in-app purchases, the enemies are tougher than normal with the weakest ones needing at least 4 hits to be taken down and the fact they can insta-kill you.

Currently, Hero Panda Bomber is only available on Android devices at this time though an iOS release is expected later this month. Hero Panda Bomber is a freemium title, meaning that it is free to play but offers a variety of in-app purchases.

[Source: ElitApps]