Dec 9, 2014

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Battle For The Throne Now Available For Android And iOS Devices [Updated]

Battle For The Throne Now Available For Android And iOS Devices [Updated]


NHN Entertainment USA and publisher TOAST announced the North American release for the mobile device TCG title, Battle For The Throne. Ranked as the #1 free download in Korea, BttT combines social war gaming with card battles and strategic city-building. Key features in the title include:

  • Conquer and colonize the worldwide map to gain resources and strengthen your empire
  • Build and collect over 50 heroes and manage your kingdom’s resources to lead forces into battle
  • Play with friends to form huge legions with real players and challenge powerful Raid Bosses as a team
  • Engage in PVP battles and siege enemy players’ strongholds to plunder their coveted resources
  • Upgrade and strengthen heroes by finding rare weapons and build a capital city into an impregnable fortress
  • HD Graphics featuring gorgeous artwork and backgrounds showcased in intense and epic battles
  • Strategize and chat with other legion members in real-time using the in-game chat feature
  • Earn medals by completing Raids and PVP battles to showcase your strength
  • Capture Enemy Heroes and convince them to join your side in an exciting tug of war between heroes, legions, and empires!

To prepare for the global release of Battle of the Throne on the iOS, those who pre-register for the iOS version will receive seven Premium Tickets as well as one Epic and one Legend Tier hero card. Android users can enter the code SHOWMETHEMONEY to get free runes.

Update: The iOS version has been delayed for the time being due to a small hiccup. We will update you once we find out when the iOS version does become available for release.

[Source: NHN Entertainment USA]