Oct 6, 2014

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Mutator Promo Sale Live On GOG.com

Mutator Promo Sale Live On GOG.com


Not much beats a good sale. Unless it also involves adding an element of surprise. GOG.com launched “Mutator Promo”, a sale that offers up to 85% off of select titles and the ability to order up to three mystery titles. The titles up for grab will change after 48 hours while will give buyers more choices during the six day sale.

Current titles on sale include Theme Hospital (priced at $1.49), Long Live the Queen (priced at $1.99), and Outlast (priced at $4.99). To take advantage of this sale and to be able to purchase up to three mutator titles, you will need to purchase three of the games in the list. If you only want one or two of the titles listed, you will have to pay the full price. The mutator titles will be revealed after checkout and can range in value from $5 to $45. Mutator titles are priced at $2 each, so even if you are given a $5 title, you have saved a bit of money.

You can check out the current list of titles and make your purchases via the GOG.com website. Be sure to share below which titles you bought and what your mystery titles turned out to be in the comment section below.

[Source: GOG.com]