Oct 3, 2014

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Preview: TRI

Preview: TRI



TRI is a 3D puzzle-platformer by Rat King Entertainment, that I got my hands on at Rising Star Games’ 10 year anniversary press event in San Francisco. In TRI, you are greeted by a mysterious man who needs assistance in tracking down a god manifested in the form of a fox. After the man finishes teaching you the basics, he speaks of another tool that would be useful on your journey. Introducing the power of the TRI (not to be confused with the Triforce).  As you progress through the levels, the power of the TRI allows you to create TRI-angles that work as platforms and ramps to get around obstacles and solve puzzles. These triangle shapes are quite handy and you can decide how big or small you want these platforms to be. You can literally draw a triangle anywhere you like except on water. Also if you happen to draw a triangle platform that is too steep, you won’t be able to climb it.



The world itself is quite beautiful. The interior of buildings aren’t as interesting as the outdoor environments that have an ancient Asian motif. For instance, I couldn’t help but stop and look at the tress that had a nice blend of red and orange leaves next to a temple with a sunset in the background. The graphics aren’t top notch, but the colors pop enough to grab my attention. The music in TRI reminds me of Aboriginal Australia instruments like the didgeridoo. I’m not sure of the connection, but it does add to the ancient native theme that it seems to be going for.


The stages in TRI look to be very complex. The main goal of each stage is to collect three red fox statues that you will need to put upon pedestals that open up a portal to the end of the level. In addition to that, you can collect smaller golden statues in every level that unlock extras for the game. After completing one level for example, I found only 3 of 15 gold statues. Where could they be? If I can’t find them on a normal run, they must be hidden in the strangest of places. There are other statues in the level such as a green or blue one, but I don’t know if they serve a purpose if any. When I spoke to a representative from Rising Star Games, he also informed me that there will be leaderboards for this game. So aside from the story mode, you can compete to grab all the collectibles and finish the level in the fastest time.

TRI is an interesting puzzle-platformer that has very unique spin on the genre. Unlike Portal, the game is played at a slower place due to the construction of the triangles. However, the mystery of the fox gods piques my interest enough to wonder what happens next. Having already been Greenlit on Steam, TRI is looking to launch this October 9th on PC, Mac, and Linux.

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