Oct 1, 2014

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Preview: Tulpa

Preview: Tulpa



Rising Star Games held a 10 year anniversary press event recently in San Francisco and I got a chance to play some demos, including the eerie side-scrolling game Tulpa. Tulpa is a point-and-click puzzle platformer from the team at Encryptique. In the game, you play as Ophelia, a girl who experiences mind-twisting events after what seems to be a traumatizing past. As you play Tulpa, you are joined by a ghostly partner, a tulpa or magical emanation, who helps you in your journey. The two are linked together by some sort of spiritual connection, so if either one was to stray far from the other, Ophelia would perish. When I got my hands on the demo, I immediately loved the art style. The striking black and white silhouettes pop out nicely alongside the subtle but detailed backdrops of each level. The various imagery sets the tone for what looks to be a hauntingly surreal adventure.




The gameplay consists of the collaboration between both Ophelia and the tulpa that follows you around. Ophelia can push and pull objects to platform obstacles and solve puzzles, while the tulpa has the ability to use levers out of reach and levitate objects such as boxes or puzzle pieces. There’s a feature in the game where Ophelia begins to lose her mind, and if you don’t try to escape this feeling, she dies on the spot. You can barely notice when she starts to lose her mind, so when you do you need to get out of the general area as soon as possible. The puzzles are definitely well hidden at times. The strange imagery can confuse you, but after a good amount of exploring and clicking all over the screen, you can start to figure out how to complete the puzzle. The demo I played unfortunately did not have music implemented, but if the trailer is any indication, it’s definitely going to be creepy.

Tulpa is looking to be a beautiful and mysterious game for fans of the genre. The world design and art direction alone is enough to check out this game. Tulpa is currently green lit on Steam and is looking to release at the end of the year for PC, Mac, and Linux. Stay tuned here at Vivid Gamer for more news of Tulpa.

[Source: Rising Star Games]