Sep 16, 2014

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Image & Form Games Teases New SteamWorld Game

Image & Form Games Teases New SteamWorld Game


Perhaps you’ve played a nifty title called SteamWorld Dig. It’s been quite popular to the point that fans have been asking Image & Form when SteamWorld Dig 2 will be coming out. Today, the developers posted the newest blog entry that teases at an announcement for a new SteamWorld game.

While they are not coming right out and saying what the new title will be, the announcement does seem to give off the impression that it’s not going to be SteamWorld Dig 2. They do tell fans that the name of the game is hinted within the announcement. We also know that it’s bigger and deeper than Dig and that it’s expected to be released in Spring 2015 on as many platforms as possible.

Want to see if you can figure out the name before the official reveal later today? Visit the news post here. Be sure to share with us below what you think the new game might be called and have to offer. I know I’m hoping for some multi-player action.

[Source: Image & Form]