Aug 4, 2014

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Table Top Racing Coming to the Vita

Table Top Racing Coming to the Vita

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From the award winning developers Playrise Digital and publisher Ripstone comes Table Top Racing, a micro combat racer that puts players in all manner of miniaturized cars and pits them against one another.   However, don’t let words like “miniaturized” and “micro” fool you because this game comes to you filled with gameplay modes that include a single-player championship mode, quick race and drift modes with an additional thirty special events.

Originally released for Android and iOS devices back in January, the PlayStation Vita version promises to be everything the original release was and more.  Not only will it look better on the Vita, but the game will also be taking advantage of the controls of the Vita including the dual analog sticks, touchscreen, and rear touch pad to enhance the player’s gameplay experience.

Table Top Racing makes its way onto the PS Vita August 5, 2014 via the PlayStaiton Network at $7.99.  For nostalgia players with memories of Re-Volt this game is a must have.

[Source: Playrise Digital]