Jun 9, 2014

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Ubisoft – E3 2014 Conference – Live Blog

Ubisoft – E3 2014 Conference – Live Blog


Ubisoft is nearly about to talk about their slate of exciting new titles, like Assassin’s Creed: Unity. The conference starts at 3pm PDT/6pm EST. Stay tuned for much more!

16:04 pm

And that’s it! Thanks for staying with Vividgamer! Please stay tuned to even more E3 coverage all week.

16:02 pm

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. Looks impressively fun and actually causes Aisha Tyler to cry from joy. We can empathize.

16:00 pm

The demo being shown features a very tense, action-packed, co-op hostage rescue.

15:56 pm

Yves Guillemot arrives to discuss a last new title. The audience is excited for what people assume to be a new Ghost Recon.

15:54 pm

The trailer is very emotional and somber. Ubisoft has a unique, promising title on their hands. The last shot of the trailer is of a dog sadly resting near hundreds of graves.

15:52 pm

Valiant Hearts, a game set in WW1, is a gorgeous title, stylized and intriguing, and in a time-period rarely explored in games.



15:50 pm

And the winner is…America! Shape Up will sell well here.

15:48 pm

Americans vs the French, in a Shape Up pushup contest. There’s a lot riding on this moment.

15:47 pm

The presenter, Charles Gutteau, works out as Eye of the Tiger plays. He appears to break quite a sweat. He plays against a ghost of himself, breaking his record.

15:45 pm

Shape Up is announced! Working out made fun. Punch asteroids, run on top of a train. Very video-gamey.


15:44 pm

The lone assassin peers out at his target as a crowd of hundreds gathers to hear the soon-to-be-deceased man speak. Incredible display of next-gen tech.

15:37 pm

We are treated to a live demo of the game. The UI is quite subtle, only appearing when near something relevant. Emphasizes the stunning visuals.

15:36 pm

Each Assassin will be heavily customizable, though it is unclear if things like gender and appearance are malleable yet.

15:34 pm

The four Assassins fight through the courtyard, covering each other and generally wreaking havoc. They reach their target and leave him to the angry citizens.


15:32 pm

The trailer features a bird flying slowly through the middle of a revolution. Citizens storm the gates as four assassins run between the throngs.

15:31 pm

Alex Amancio, creative director, here to talk about Assassin’s Creed Unity, set in Paris, in the 18th century.

15:30 pm

The Crew, November 11th, 2014. Beta is available!

15:27 pm

Julian Gerighty, creative director of The Crew, steps in to talk more about the game.

15:26 pm

The Crew’s ambitious trailer shows off several landmarks, as cars race in-between valleys, in forests, and on bridges. Visuals are quite impressive.



15:24 pm

Time for an update on The Crew, featuring the entire US, coast-to-coast, with no loading at all.

15:23 pm

The hero of the trailer and his squad step in to help a man being beaten. Flames erupt as more baddies emerge. A sign says Take back New York as the trailer ends.

15:21 pm

The Division’s new trailer begins. A timelapse of New York falling into disarray, set to the sounds of weeping parents.

15:18 pm

Tom Clancy’s The Division is now up! Petter Mannerfelt, producer is speaking about the ruined world of the game.

15:17 pm

Alberta won the Just Dance Now danceoff. She seems happy.

15:16 pm

Just Dance Now has no limit to players taking part. Dozens of young people in brightly colored clothes then dance to a Lady Gaga song, each holding a smartphone.

15:15 pm

Jason Altman arrives, wielding a smartphone, to announce Just Dance Now.

15:14 pm

Just Dance 2015 features lots of people dancing. Tagline is “Power to the Community.” Out in October.

15:12 pm

Aisha Tyler admits to being a poor dancer, but is still happy to announce Just Dance 2015. Featuring “Happy”, a little known song.

15:10 pm

Aisha Tyler takes the stage! This is her third time here.

15:08 pm

Dan Hay, creative director of Ubisoft Montreal, steps out to describe Far Cry 4!

15:07 pm

The new villain stabs a man to death. Complains of bloody shoes after and takes a selfie with the main character.

15:05 pm

A tense scene plays out from 1st-person as armed men stop a bus containing the main character. Things go poorly and bullets fly.

15:03 pm

Here we go! The lights dim, and Ubisoft begins the conference with…a snowy mountainscape. Likely Far Cry 4.

14:49 pm

The Ubisoft Conference will begin in less than 15 mins.