Jun 8, 2014

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New E3 Trailer And Screens For JUJU

New E3 Trailer And Screens For JUJU YouTube Preview Image

JUJU, a side-scrolling platformer by Flying Wild Hog, debuts its E3 trailer and new screens this weekend. JUJU follows the story of a young panda shaman named Juju who is on a journey to save his father, Jumbee, from the evil Calypso. Luckily, Jumbee was able to give Juju a magical mask that will aid in his journey.

JUJU is a cooperative multiplayer title that encourages parents and their kids to play together. A release date hasn’t been made official yet but it is expected to be released in the later half of 2014 for the PC and consoles (TBA).

[Source: Flying Wild Hog]