Jun 6, 2014

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Hatoful Boyfriend Remake Making Its Way To Steam This Summer

Hatoful Boyfriend Remake Making Its Way To Steam This Summer


Unless you’re a fan of the niche visual novel genre, you might be just wondering what the heck Hatoful Boyfriend is. It’s an unique Japanese visual novel launched in 2011 by Hato Mao that, due to its popularity, received fan translations and even some steamy fan-fiction. Sure, you can find plenty of visual novels (especially those with a dating sim element to them) online. But how many can brag about allowing you to date the pigeon of your dreams?

Yes, you read that right: pigeon. As in the feathery nuisance of some folks. In Hatoful Boyfriend, you attend the prestigious St. PigeoNation where you are the only human in a school of birds. Between managing elective classes and pursuing your love interest, you will experience many twists and turns that could turn your love life fowl.

Perhaps it is because of the uniqueness of Hatoful Boyfriend that Devolver Digital and Mediatonic have announced their plans to remake Hatoful Boyfriend for Steam. If you haven’t played the visual novel, it looks like we won’t have long to wait. It is expected to be released this summer and for those attending E3 next week, a playable version will be available via appointment only.

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