May 23, 2014

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New Space Run Screens Released

New Space Run Screens Released


Space Run is a homage to the many tropes and references found in the 80′s science fiction. It mixes strategy with spaceship construction and tower defense mechanisms. Race against other Space Runners to complete the missions in the fastest time possible while also surviving pirates, asteroids, and other dangers lurking in space.

PASSTECH and Focus Home Interactive share with us some screens that give you a glimpse into the construction and evolution of a spaceship during a single mission. You begin with a rather empty ship that can range in size to transport important cargo. On your journey, you will need to add weapons and modules on the fly whenever your radar picks up a threat. Time is valuable and one misstep could result in failure.

Space Run will be available for the PC though a release date has not been announced. Stay tuned as we keep you posted.

[Source: Focus Home Interactive]