May 13, 2014

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Breach TD’s Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Breach TD’s Kickstarter Campaign Launched YouTube Preview Image

Space Rhino Games took to Kickstarter earlier this month to help boost funds for their innovative title, Breach TD. The goal is set at $35,000 and has close to $14,000 pledged so far. With 19 more days to go, it is very likely to see Breach TD hit the goal and even surpass it.

What is Breach TD about, you ask? Breach TD is a competitive multi-player strategy game with tower defense elements. There are two phases in the game: Building- the phase in which you are given a set amount of time to buy and strategically place your Guardians and bolster your defenses, and Combat- the phase where your Guardians head into battle against your opponent. You are not going up against just one opponent nor do you have to fight alone as Breach TD offers 3 vs. 3 multiplayer.

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, the Breach TD one have a number of different pledge tiers that range from $10 up to $10,000. By pledging the $10 minimum, backers will receive four Guardians as well as see their name in the credits. Each tier after that adds to the rewards you can get. The $10,000 tier, titled “You’re The Bestest!”, offers:

• Executive Producer Credit in the Game

• Eternal Early Access to all future Space Rhino Games’ projects

• Forever Tricked-out Account

• Mobile Device of Preference with Breach Device Cover

• 2 Unique Personal Guardian Accessory (Only you have them)

• 4 Unique Personal Full-custom Guardian Skins (Only you have them)

• + Jack-of-all Trades

• + A Custom Oil-Painted Portrait of YOU as a Guardian (Go crazy, tell us what you want)

• Trip to San Juan , Puerto Rico (includes travel and lodging) so you can pose for your portrait and hangout with the team at the world famous “Las Fiestas de San Sebastian”.

You can check out the above gameplay trailer to get a better idea of what Breach TD will offer. You can also visit the official website as well as their Kickstarter page for more details. Given what I’ve seen of Breach TD, I think Space Rhino Games could have a hit on their hands. Only time will tell once the game is released. Stay tuned as we keep you posted.

[Source: Space Rhino Games]