May 4, 2014

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New Trailer And Steam Page For Full Bore

New Trailer And Steam Page For Full Bore YouTube Preview Image

Whole Hog Games’ Full Bore hits Steam on May 6, just in a couple days in fact. In this quirky title, you get to play as a boar (yes, you read that right) and solve many puzzles as you explore over a hundred areas. You can get a feel of what to expect in Full Bore via the YouTube video above.

And because I felt this was too good not to share, a poem about Full Bore from the press release:

Pretend you’re a pig

Who just loves to dig.

Better yet, a boar

Who’d like nothing more

Than to frolic all day

With butterflies, but nay…

When you think all is fine,

You fall down a mine.

You’re lost, underground.

You daren’t make a sound.

You can feel someone’s eyes

Down there in the mines.

There’s much to discover

And gems to recover.

You must find your way out;

Of that, there’s no doubt.

On May 6 you can play

A game I would say

Is well worth your time;

It looks quite sublime.

A puzzle adventure

With an ungulate avenger.

On May 6, do a jig

And dig, pig, dig.

You can check out Full Bore‘s Steam page for more information and the included screens below. Full Bore will be priced at $14.99 when it is released on May 6.

[Source: Nkidu Games]