May 2, 2014

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Stealth Inc 2 Announced For Wii U

Stealth Inc 2 Announced For Wii U


The first Stealth Inc game was released back in 2012 with the answer to a question that many have likely asked themselves: “Why do stealth titles have to be so slow?” In that game, players were introduced to test chambers filled with plenty of traps and lasers while they solve puzzles and platforming challenges. Stealth Inc and Stealth Bastard Deluxe have both seen over one million downloads and awards.

We learn today that the sequel, Stealth Inc 2, has been announced for Nintendo’s Wii U some time this year. Players won’t be just limited to the test chambers of PTi Industries. In fact, you’ll be able to explore the full facility. Also, Stealth Inc 2 will give players a co-operative gameplay via the Wii U gamepad.

[Source: Curve Digital]