Apr 30, 2014

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Watch Dogs Season Pass Detailed

Watch Dogs Season Pass Detailed YouTube Preview Image

Yesterday, Ubisoft revealed the details surrounding the Season Pass for their upcoming open world action-adventure title, Watch Dogs. Priced at $19.99, this Season Pass will give players access to many thing. This includes:

  • An unique single-player story mode that puts players in the role of T-Bone, an eccentric and brilliant hacker
  • New Digital Trip mode called Conspiracy! that lets you hunt down cyborgs in an alternative game universe
  • Exclusive Untouchables pack that pays homage to the classic Chicago mobster film with a M1 SMG weapon and 1920s mobster outfit
  • Even more single-player missions, weapons, and attires

It should be noted that purchasing the Season Pass will save you more than 25% of the cost of all DLC packs combined as well as grant you an one-week early access to all Watch Dogs add-on content. Also, those in North America who want the exclusive Untouchables pack will need to purchase the Season Pass as this will be the only way to get it.

[Source: Ubisoft]