Apr 22, 2014

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Star Lords Early Access Update

Star Lords Early Access Update


For those of you keeping an eye on Star Lords‘ Early Access on Steam as Iceberg Interactive continues their development of the highly anticipated game, you’ll be happy to learn that a new update is available for those Early Access users.  In the 16.0 Updated Build, players can expect

  • Streamlined UI (game creation screen): Players now have a single menu with three tabs: Race Selection, Galaxy Settings and Game Settings making for a less cluttered and more organized UI.
  • Stability Improvement: a new series of experimental fixes will fix most (if not all) stability issues. Unfortunately these fixes come at the cost of temporarily removing the weapon and armor ship parts from the game. These features will be reinstated in a later build but developers would like feedback as to how these fixes work in the actual game.
  • Domestic Policies: The domestic policies mechanic has been fleshed out and further balanced and now you will receive an event message when the majority of the population disagrees with one of your policies.
  • Bug Fixes that deal with full screen issues, text no longer going off-screen, and crashes when loading the game should be gone entirely
  • Balancing: Some general balancing has been done such as every player now starting with 5000 BC, to make the early game more challenging, and exploration more rewarding, with valuable space debris having a bigger impact than before.
  • Graphics Update: Improved backgrounds and updated ship models for the Krifith Empire. More improvements in this aspect to come.
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In Star Lords, players take control of one race and compete for supremacy in the galaxy.  Take charge and explore the stars, colonize new worlds, and take down any who stand in your way.  A new spin on the turn-based strategy games of old, Star Lords distinguishes itself through unique use of diplomacy trading, and war.

Star Lords is currently in Alpha stage and available for Early Access on Steam for $19.99.  So check it out there and for all the latest updates on this Early Access title.

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