Apr 15, 2014

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New Trendy Entertainment CEO Announced

New Trendy Entertainment CEO Announced


Trendy Entertainment is known for a quite fun and popular tower defense title by the name of Dungeon Defenders. The company is also known for a rather unflattering work ethic issue from last year. However, that issue had been dealt with and Trendy Entertainment was able to continue on with working on the upcoming sequel to Dungeon Defenders. We learn today that a new CEO has been chosen to oversee the company. Former LucasArts president and Electronic Arts executive Darrell Rodriguez has joined the studio. He comments:

“Trendy Entertainment was among the first companies to recognize that digitally distributed releases deserve the same high-quality treatment as traditional retail titles. AAA doesn’t belong to AAA anymore, and finding fellow video game industry veterans who understand this is an exciting proposition. Trendy has some of the brightest, most capable developers in the industry who have created a platform that enables other independent developers to expand upon and create games they otherwise could not. I am thrilled to be joining the team to help them realize their vision.”

Mr. Rodriguez has close to twenty years worth of experience. He’s spearheaded such titles as LucasArts’ Star Wars: The Old Republic as well as managed the development and administration for titles within EA’s Medal of Honor, NBA Street, and other series.

Augi Lye, chairman of the board for Trendy Entertainment, explains why Mr. Rodriguez was the right choice.

“Determining ways to deliver big-budget experiences that don’t break budgets has been the cornerstone of Darrell’s career. His record speaks to the importance of crafting deep, varied portfolios in this hits-driven business – both in terms of gameplay and distribution. This expertise will be invaluable to the projects we have planned for our player and developer communities.”

Currently, Dungeon Defenders 2 is in development with a soft launch date expected later this year for the PC, Mac, and Linux.

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