Apr 7, 2014

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South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

South Park: The Stick of Truth Review


One is always a bit hesitant when a video game is announced that is tied into a TV show, movie, or even comic. More times than not, these adaptations fall short of what fans could only hope for. This was one concern of mine with South Park: The Stick of Truth. Though I am not a really huge fan of the show, I have enjoyed my share of episodes throughout the years. Did I think that Obsidian Entertainment could pull off melding the crude humor of South Park with RPG elements? Honestly, I wasn’t too sure. But after playing it for a bit, I came to realize that this game does its job well.

As the new kid in South Park, you are thrust into a war between the humans and elves (lead by Cartman and Kyle respectively) over a stick. But this isn’t just some ordinary stick. It’s the fabled Stick of Truth, the key to holding power over all the universe. Or South Park. The more you play along with the kids of South Park, the more odd things seem to get. In fact, some of the hijinxs you’ll encounter will range from downright silly to potentially offensive.

Though the creator for your character is somewhat limited (there’s only one gender option!), the bulk of customization items are scattered about the town of South Park in various chests, drawers, and in shops. Despite my disappointment in not creating a female character, it’s not like you can’t find the hairstyles and clothing items to turn into a gal with beauty to rival that of Princess Kenny. But given the storyline (and show if you’ve watched that), it makes sense that you play as a male kid.


In a time where a lot of RPGs have scrapped the turn based battle system, South Park: The Stick of Truth embraces it and gives it an unique feel. During your character’s turns, you choose which action to perform. Be sure to use your potions before choosing which action as you can do both within a turn. When using a basic attack, you will be presented with the option to pull off a normal attack or a strong attack. Once you’ve decided which one to pull off (or if you decide to use one of the special skills that cost PP), you have to keep a keen eye out for the signal to tap the button for the attack. Press it too soon or put it off just a second longer and you won’t deal as much damage as if your timing was perfect.

You can even use some skills and your bow outside of battle. Once you learn new magic or dragon shout as they call it, you can use it to access previously blocked paths and treasure. And who wouldn’t want to fart, I mean dragon shout, at all those citizens just to see what their reactions will be?

Each class (warrior, mage, thief, and Jew) you can choose from offers their own special abilities and items that they can use. Weapons and armor can be outfitted with stickers that can add a much need stat boost or ability to inflict one of many different status ailments. Speaking of the ailments, I found it creative how you could gross out an enemy by performing certain special abilities or how you could cause a foe to bleed with a well-timed arrow.