Nov 21, 2013

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EU PlayStation Accounts Sees Mass Password Resets

EU PlayStation Accounts Sees Mass Password Resets



PlayStation owners across the EU had a very nice present waiting for them this morning: being suddenly unable to login to their PSN accounts with their passwords which has since then been giving gamers headaches all day.

It started at around midnight last night when people were suddenly finding out that despite using the right password, systems were claiming that login details were not correct. People then took to PlayStation’s Forums and Twitter to ask what was going on. At about 3am, a community rep confirmed that Sony has reset a number of account’s passwords after suspicious activity on the EU network. At the time of writing, Sony are still yet to post anything about this on their blog, Twitter account, or even a E-Mail to affected accounts, we only know via 1 forum post on this thread.

That’s not all, I was greeted to my account being affected this morning. For most people, just using the password reset feature does the trick. However, I couldn’t even do this as the site was not accepting my details, after sending a E-Mail this morning and coming home after this morning, I am yet to get a reply. I ended up phoning customer support and finally got in my account a little while ago. Sony could of at the very least sent a E-Mail out to customers, just locking people out can panic a lot of people. Even I felt this morning I might of been hacked when I was unable to log in.

If you can’t get into your account, try resetting your password via this link. If that does not work, use this page to find contact details for your country. Don’t panic is all I can say, as that one forum post confirmed that no data been taken, but with PS4 landing next week over this side of the pond, this is the last thing Sony needed. Next time Sony, don’t give me a free heart attack thinking my account is hacked for breakfast. Just do something simple: SEND A E-MAIL!

[Source: Eurogamer]