Nov 9, 2013

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Name It! The Answer To Triviality Review

Name It! The Answer To Triviality Review


iOS device owners have quite a selection of trivia games at their disposal. From ones based on popular shows like Jeopardy to the random indie trivia games that cover a wide array of topics, there’s always something for everyone. Except for those who want to test their knowledge on AASs or abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols. But it looks like all those years of reading up on what NYSE means and listening to kids nowadays with their ‘YOLO’ talk will pay off when you play Name It! The Answer to Triviality. Or does it? Luckily, trivia games happen to be a guilty pleasure of mine and I was able to review this trivia game that focuses on AASs.

When you load up Name It!, you get to pick an avatar to represent you during the game. The choice you make will have no bearing on what questions you are given. Then you are able to decide At first, you are only given two games/rounds to play with the option to purchase more in-game. The purchase price for the additional REMs, which are used to unlock any AAS you missed during the first round, is under a dollar. The selection of AASs in the game are not random which means that if you play the same round over and over, you can learn (or memorize, though learning is better) the correct answers to all the questions. More AASs are unlocked during the rounds if you answer key questions correctly. The controls handle pretty well as all it requires players to do is tap their answers or drag the AAS to the category they think it belongs in.

Each game is divided into three rounds. In the first round, you have to match the correct AAS to the fact given to you. Get it wrong and the correct answer disappears. This round ends once you’ve answered ten questions regardless if they were correct or not or the timer runs out. It is possibly to end the game after this round if you fail to correctly answer any questions. The next round has you sorting the AASs you’ve correctly indentified from the first round into one of eight categories. Ones that are quickly categorized will be available for the next round. With the third and final round, you get to choose which AAS you want to be tested on. It is during this round that you can unlock extra related AASs by correctly answer certain questions. Questions are somewhat random and it is possible to go a game without getting the question needed to unlock the other AASs. Of course, you can always purchase the additional AASs via REMs. You don’t have to answer the questions for all the AASs you’ve unlocked but for those who want to get the highest score, you’ll want to answer all the questions possible.


The graphics for Name It! are not groundbreaking. However, I did feel that they fit the style of the game. Each of the preset avatars you can choose are easy to tell apart though there is no real need to pick a certain one. Also, the colors are bright and the words are easy to read. This can be good for those who might be prone to having to squirt when using their iOS devices to read anything.

There is no online or couch multiplayer features which could be a turn off for those who want to go head-to-head with other players. Sure, you can always pass it over to the person sitting next to you but that would take away from the fun a bit. To go through a full game, you can expect to spend up to five minutes. This does depends on how quick you are to answer the questions as well as the number of questions you get correct.

Name It! The Answer to Triviality is not the game for everyone but those who enjoy trivia games and want something different will likely find this to be an interesting title. For its price, I recommend all trivia fans to give it a try. If you find yourself wanting to switch up the AASs and the questions associated with them, you can always look into the additional game in-app purchases.

Name It! The Answer to Triviality
Platform: iPad (reviewed), iPod Touch, iPhone
Genre: Trivia
Release Date: October 29, 2013
Developer: Brian Green
Publisher: Brian Green
ESRB Rating: 4+
MSRP: Free, in-app purchases available