Nov 8, 2013

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World Conqueror 3D Hits 3DS eShop On November 14

World Conqueror 3D Hits 3DS eShop On November 14


CIRCLE Entertainment’s newest 3DS title, World Conqueror 3D, will be making its way to North America 3DS handheld systems later this month. World Conqueror 3D is a strategy game set in WWII.

Players will need to operate and command three basic troops- soldiers, tanks, and artillery. Use your best judgement to ensure keeping the odds of victory in your favor. Attributes for each country will vary. For example, the German tanks are the most powerful and as such cost the most. Troops will gain experience as well as medals during battle. Medals will play an important role as troops who carry medals for combat efficiency are called Ace Troops and happen to be more skilled than their normal counterparts.

3DS owners will be able to purchase World Conqueror 3D via the eShop on November 14.

[Source: CIRCLE Entertainment]