Nov 8, 2013

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Devolver Digital Steam Weekend Sale Is Underway

Devolver Digital Steam Weekend Sale Is Underway


Everyone loves a good sale, right? Especially for popular titles that you might have been putting off buying for some odd reason. Devolver Digital has launched a weekend-long Steam sale for all of their titles at a discount ranging from 25% to 85% off. Not bad at all, I think.

Along with this announcement, we’ve learned that Fork Parker, CFO of Devolver Digital, has launched ForkStarter. ForkStarter is a platform for Mr. Parker to increase his own pockets with money. He has been quoted with saying:

“I’m sick and tired of passing the savings onto the consumer.┬áLet’s make this about me and my increasingly expensive lifestyle.”

Not to be confused with a certain other “-starter” platform most of us have heard of, ForkStarter looks to take being a for-profit organization to a new extreme. By purchasing any of the Devolver Digital titles on sale, you can do your part in helping Mr. Parker reach his goals such as the delicious plate of nachos for hitting the $5 goal all the way to the dinosaurs reward if he makes a buttload of cash.

You can visit either the Steam store or ForkStarter to check out the reduced prices for each game. Be sure to let us know below what titles you bought.

[Source: Devolver Digital]