Nov 5, 2013

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Classic NES Spelunker Gets iOS Port

Classic NES Spelunker Gets iOS Port


Tozai Games, the minds behind XBLA hit series Lode Runner and R-Type Dimensions, has announced that the NES classic hit game, Spelunker, is now available worldwide for iOS devices as Everyday Spelunker.  A faithful and skillful recreation of the 1983 NES original, Everyday Spelunker has added several features that ensure the series’ classic feel remains intact with the touchscreen interface. Other features include:

  • Four colossal caves to explore in the Main Game
  • Dynamite-blasting, flare-launching, cart-riding, quicksand-evading fun
  • New “rope assist” feature assures no-slip grip on ropes
  • New “endless continues” feature may allow players to complete the game for the very first time
  • Supports iOS Game Center leaderboards and achievements
  • Episode 2: Deep into Another Mine and Episode 3: New Challenges are available as in-app purchases
  • Includes wallpaper and sound options


Everyday Spelunker is now available in the App Store for $3.99 with the 2 additional episode available at $0.99 each.  For more information, visit their official site.  An Android version is coming soon.

[Source: Tozai Games]