Oct 28, 2013

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Tzunami Run Enters Open Beta

Tzunami Run Enters Open Beta


Indie developer Alon Karmi has released an alpha build for his upcoming title, Tzunami Run. This 3D endless runner draws inspiration from parkour. What is parkour? Parkour originally began as a military training discipline that has evolved into a non-competitive sport in which person try to make their way across an environment full of obstacles quickly with only the use of their bodies and surroundings. Over the years, parkour has become a popular element in films and video games such as 2008′s Mirror’s Edge.

Tzunami Run (the current working title) was built by Alon Karmi from the ground up in Unity. An endless runner, Tzunami Run puts players on the rooftops as they have to escape the impeding “Tzunami” waters raging below. As this isn’t the final product due to Alon Karmi hoping to get feedback from those who test Tzunami Run, some of the features planned are not available in the game. Such as:

  • Randomly generated enemies
  • More building types
  • A larger and more dynamic city to explore
  • Weapons

Want to try the game out and help provide valuable feedback to make it better? Be sure to visit Karmi’s official blog here.

[Source: Karmi.biz]