Oct 25, 2013

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Indie Van Game Jam Kickstarter

Indie Van Game Jam Kickstarter


From the indie game developer Binary Solo, formed by industry veterans Chad Stewart and Zeb West, comes the 8-episode comedic docu-drama web-series:  The Indie Van Game Jam.  Basically Chad and Zeb get in a van and visit 8 different indie developers while at the same time developing their own indie games.

Some of the locations they will be visiting for their web series are:

  • Stoic Studios (The Banner Saga) in Austin, TX
  • Indie Game Collective in Boston, MA
  • ROB LACH (Pop: Methodology Experiment One) in Chicago, IL
  • Oreganik (Chess Heroes) in Eugene, OR
  • KLEI Entertainment (Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja) in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)


Some of the kickstarter prizes range from getting receiving credit in the development to receiving a copy of the series on DVD and digital copy.  For more information, go to their kickstarter site.

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