Oct 16, 2013

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Celebrate Halloween in Eorzea and Much More

Celebrate Halloween in Eorzea and Much More


It seems that you can’t escape Halloween anywhere anymore.  Square Enix has announced a Halloween-like event, “All Saints’ Wake” and more in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

From Friday, October 18th through to Friday, November 1st Eorzea will be celebrating “All Saints’ Wake”.  Expect some Halloween festivities as the streets will be decorated with ceremonial costumes, players will be able to wear fanciful costumes (you know, more fanciful than what players usually wear), and a traveling circus troupe will be making its way through the town.  Of course, the event is not only cosmetic; during this time, speak to any of the Shifty Thespians for a special quest.

Also coming from Square is the free World Transfer Service, allowing players to move their character to the world of their choice.  The service is running now and will last until October 21st.

Furthermore, a new video on Youtube gave more details on The Wolves’ Den, the location that served as the center of Player vs. Player (PvP) battles in Eorzea.

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But wait! There’s more: new features and content being added to the game later this year include  the new Primal Battle: Good King Moggle Mog XII, Extreme Mode Primal Battles, new dungeons including Pharos Sirius, Treasure Hunting, Hard Mode Boss Battles, Beastmen Daily Quests and The Crystal Tower that fans of Final Fantasy III will recognize.  Stay tuned for more details.

The news coming from Square Enix doesn’t end.  November also sees A Realm Reborn collaborating with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.  In this collaboration, Lightning will be appearing in one of the game’s Full Active Time Events (FATE), with special Lightning and Final Fantasy XIII-themed gear and weapons available for successful players. This special FATE event takes place on Thursday, Novermber 14th.  Expect more collaborations such as this with the 11th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI and the first anniversary for Dragon Quest X coming up.


Finally, Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XIV team express their gratitude to all the players that have made Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a huge success.  With a million players in the first month, the number of players continues to grow thanks to the fans.

[Source: Square Enix]