Oct 15, 2013

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Insurgency’s New Modes Showcased on Twitch

Insurgency’s New Modes Showcased on Twitch


This past weekend, on Sunday October 13, New World Interactive showcased two new game modes – Outpost and V.I.P. Escort  -  for their title, Insurgency, on Twitch.TV.

Outpost mode pits players against unending waves of increasingly challenging A.I. opponents.  V.I.P.

Escort mode tasks gamers with a dangerous escort mission where one must successfully protect and extract a person of interest. This mode is a multiplayer mode that places an emphasis on teamwork and coordination.  In this mode, the escorting team is tasked with escorting the V.I.P. to safety, defending him/her against the ambushing team, which is tasked with eliminating the V.I.P..


If you want to see these modes showcased, you can check them out here on Twitch.TV:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Try Insurgency, the hit indie revival of the tactical shooter genre, today on Steam and check out these cool new game modes.

[Source: New World Interactive]