Oct 4, 2013

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Magic: The Gathering Hall Of Famers Kickstart A Deckbuilding Game

Magic: The Gathering Hall Of Famers Kickstart A Deckbuilding Game


White Wizard Games LLC, the company created by veteran Magic: The Gathering players Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty (developer and co-founder of the Ascension deckbuilding game) announced a new Kickstarter campaign for their new physical and digital deck-building game, Star Realms. The goal is to raise $20,000 to help fund the final stages of production in time for the holidays.


Star Realms features:

·         Affordable: $14.95 for the complete two player game.

·         Easy to Learn: Unique design is fun for new players and for veterans.

·         Portable: Entire game can fit into your jacket pocket.

·         Combat Game: You win by attacking your opponent.

·         Expandable: For multiplayer games, just add an additional set for every 2 extra players in the game.


Early feedback from the game community has been overwhelmingly positive:

Doug Jean, writer for RocketComics.com and Atlanta Radio Group.

 “Star Realms is a fabulous game. It picks up quick. It’s really simple to figure out. The artwork that you have is really sweet.”

Jason Alt, writer at Gatheringmagic.com

“I really like how this game plays. The game plays very streamlined. I think the pricepoint of $14.95 is perfect.”

Derek Thompson, Meeple Town

“I played 10 deck building games and Star Realms is the best one!”

Matt Quiet,  The Nerds domain

“I highly recommend it and I’m really looking forward to the Kickstarter.”

David, geekenstein.com

“I can honestly see this as replacing Dominion as my go-to deck building game.”

Nicole Kline, warpzone.com and perpetual geek machine

“Playing this game was really, really fun! I liked it a lot.”

Mike Footer, News editor for Game Informer

“I had a great time playing Star Realms! I like the strategy involved in this.”

Zack, TheMediaCows

“I’m really, really impressed… It was the most fun I had at PAX!”

Those who pledge their support for Star Realms on Kickstarter will get a variety of rewards depending on their level of contribution, from digital beta keys at the lowest $5 level, to being able to be part of the Star Realms game itself at the highest level. Dougherty and Kastle, who are members of the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame and continue to play competitively, are also offering personal coaching services to help drive support for their new project as part of the “Magic Fantasy Camp Tier”

Star Realms will be available as a physical game in time for Christmas. The game is also targeted for beta release on PC and  Mac in March 2014. The Kickstarter campaign for this space combat game will end on November 2, so help back this project if you would like to get your hands on this anticipated deckbuilding game. For more information visit the Star Realms Kickstarter here.

[Source: White Wizard Games LLC]