Oct 3, 2013

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Emergency 2014: Meteor Rescue Mission Pack And Emergency 5 Announced

Emergency 2014: Meteor Rescue Mission Pack And Emergency 5 Announced


If you’ve ever played any of the entries in the Emergency series, then you know that the main purpose within the series is to save lives. Yesterday, Quadriga Games and Deep Silver announced Emergency 2014, a new mission pack that puts focus on deadly meteor strikes.

In Emergency 2014, the asteroid “Caligula” threatens the population of Earth with its collision course with the planet. But this terror isn’t the only thing to fear as meteorites bombard Earth and even knocking down a monument such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Guess you can say it’s not leaning anymore. Three missions are available for you to regain control over the destroyed areas with the help of deployed relief forces. There is also a bonus mission for a fire department when Caligula has a close call with Earth in the year 1890. It’s up to players to prevent the blaze of the ruined German farmstead from spreading with the help of horse-drawn fire engines.

If you already own one of the previous entries, Emergency 2014 will be available as an upgrade package that is reasonably priced via digital distribution platforms. Also, those who are excited for the next entry in the Emergency series will be pleased to learn that Sixteen Tons Entertainment and Deep Silver are working on Emergency 5, which will feature a lot of new missions. Ralph Stock, series inventor and Managing Director of Sixteen Tons Entertainment, comments:

“Modding will again be a central feature of Emergency 5, because I know how much our fans love to design their own units and missions. We have already had the Emergency theme re-recorded completely by the Brandenburg State Orchestra for this installment. The piece was well-received at our 20th anniversary celebration in August, where we presented it to our friends from press and community circles.”

Emergency 5 is slated for a release in 2014. Stay tuned with us as we keep you up to date on all the latest news.

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