Oct 2, 2013

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Developers for Mutant Football League and Football Heroes Team Up!

Developers for Mutant Football League and Football Heroes Team Up!


Michael Mendheim, creator of Mutant Football League, has announced that he will be working with Run Games, developers of the highly-anticipated Football Heroes, to develop his Mutant Football League.

Mutant Football League features the return of the gory action of mutants and monsters fighting each other through the glorious game of football.  The game is waiting to make its return via kickstarter.  Football Heroes, in a style reminiscent to games like NBA Jam and Tecmo Bowl, features various customizable RPG elements and online play.  The game is set to release this Fall for iOS and Android devices.  In Spring, it is set for development for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles.


In regards to the partnership, creator Michael Mendheim said, “Not only is the game really fun, but the Football Heroes game engine is very flexible, so we are able to adjust it to fit the needs of Mutant Football League.  This technology will help us create a better game that gets delivered faster than we could make happen on our own.”

Michael A. Marzola, creative director of Run Games, said of his end of the partnership, “We are huge fans of the original Mutant League Football, and this opportunity really swoons our fanboy hearts to no end. We are proud to provide the technology that will enable Michael and his team to create Mutant Football League.”

With such a mutually beneficial and productive partnership, all that remains is for the kickstarter community to do its part.  For more information on the progress on the Mutant Football League kickstarter campaign and on this team up with Run Games visit the kickstarter site here.

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