Sep 18, 2013

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Hometown Story Marriage Candidates Revealed

Hometown Story Marriage Candidates Revealed


Hometown Story, the upcoming 3DS title designed by Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada, is coming out in October of this year. Natsume released some details on a few of the potential marriage candidates for both the female and male characters. You can see images for four of the six total candidates below as well as get a brief description of each candidate.

Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume, commented:

Hometown Story approaches romantic relationships in a unique way. We’ve chosen to focus on quality over quantity, and with three eligible suitors for each gender, we’ve been able to give them a deeper relationship model.”

For male characters, you can choose between:

  • Anna- The independent daughter of the restaurant owner, Rachael, who lives be the motto that you should rely on yourself and not others.
  • Haruka- The daughter of the absent-minded farmer Miyo, Haruka has dreamed of getting married since she was a young girl. She loves her mother dearly and will cover up the little mistakes made by her.
  • Mika- An unique girl with a strong love for animals, Mika hangs out with them and can seem to communicate on a deeper level with her furry friends.

Female characters have these three love interests to choose from:

  • Steve- The mayor’s son, Steve has moved back to the village from the big city. His heart is with his family and he is a bit of a dreamer.
  • Dexter- The mysterious man of few words who just seems to show up out of nowhere, Dexter enjoys spending time with the town’s children. Those who want to win his heart will have their work cut out for them as he doesn’t seem to understand the concept of dating.
  • Shinji- This upfront yet kind and laid back scholar wants no more than to meet a god or goddess. Could you be the goddess of his dreams?

Pre-orders for Hometown Story are open and you can pick up one of three cute Ember the dragon plushie. GameStop orders will include the Emerald Green Ember, Amazon will have the Ruby Red Ember, and the official Natsume store will have the Sunny Yellow Ember. Hometown Story is set for an October release for the Nintendo 3DS system.

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