Sep 17, 2013

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Final Fantasy XV Will Not be at TGS

Final Fantasy XV Will Not be at TGS


Remember back at E3 when Final Fantasy XV being announced? And with Square Enix promising to stop the hiding and dry-up of information for months upon end? Well, seems like this might of have returned, possibly.

Nomura, the person directing the game, has today confirmed via an upcoming interview video that no new information on the title will be shown at this year’s Tokyo Games Show which kicks off Thursday. He did, however, hint that we could get a new ‘glimpse’ of the game during this interview video. I guess the waiting begins to see what comes of this interview. Still, with the announcement of this and Kingdom Hearts III, the promise was given that both would get at least new information at the show. But alas, both games will now be a no-show.

Hey, we got lots of Lightning to look forward to when the show kicks off later this week though. Keep it on Vivid Gamer for more on Tokyo Games Show when it lands this Thursday.

[Source: Final Fantasy Network]