Sep 15, 2013

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Hitman Absolution Gets Behind the Scenes App

Hitman Absolution Gets Behind the Scenes App


The award-winning, multiplatform game Hitman: Absolution is getting a companion app.  Announced by IO Interactive, a Square Enix studio, will present an  uncut retrospective of the development of the game as told by the people closest to it.

With over 250 image and 25 videos, gamers can expect to see various parts of the development process that went into Hitman Absolution including discarded concepts, abandoned ideas, early prototype videos and creative exploration.  A majority of this content will not have been seen outside IO Interactive and is provided by the development team.

The app, titled Hitman Absolution: Full Disclosure, is now available at the app store for the Apple iPad now for only $1.99.  For more information, go to their official site or check out the app’s trailer here.

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[Source: Square Enix]