Sep 10, 2013

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Heva Clonia Getting First Beta Test

Heva Clonia Getting First Beta Test


Excited for Heva Clonia? Well, besides the announcement of the game, there has not been much in the way of news regarding this game.  Until now. It has been announced by OGPlanet the first North American Beta test for Heva Clonia will launch on Thursday, September 19 and will continue to the end of the month.  Registration and more information for the beta test is open now here.

In addition to an immersive world and expansive quests and episodes, expect some their key features to include:

  • Clone, collect and train monsters as pets
  • Battle pet monsters in PVP Arena
  • Co-op Dungeons
  • Guild PVP
  • Team Play/Quests
  • Barter/Trading
  • Job Evolution
  • Forging/Crafting
  • Mini-Games
  • Campaign Mode

Also, visit Heva Clonia on Facebook and check out their trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

[Source: Gamespress]