Sep 5, 2013

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Playstation Gets Sanctum Sequel

Playstation Gets Sanctum Sequel


PlayStation fans have another reason to celebrate as Coffee Stain Studios, indie developer of the hit first-person tower-defense game Sanctum, have announced the Sanctum 2 will be available on the PlayStation Network on September 10th worldwide.  Sanctum 2 was released exclusively for the PC and Xbox 360 earlier this year.  Its predecessor, simply titled Sanctum, was released exclusively to these two platforms in 2011.

Sanctum 2 will have players take on the role of an elite soldier whose goal will be to protect oxygen-producing Cores from hordes of aliens who are threatened by its existence.  The game will feature key qualities from both the tower-defense and first-person shooter genres, among which will be the ability to create towers to defend against waves of oncoming enemies.  The game will also feature a multiplayer component, allowing players to face the oncoming hordes alone or with three other players, each with their own abilities to attack and defend against the oncoming hordes.

The game will also feature some PlayStation exclusive features including a higher tower cap, tower resources for all players in multiplayer, and increased tower bases gained in each wave.


Sanctum 2 will launch for the Playstation Network at $14.99 on September 10th so mark your calendars.

[Source: Reverb Publishing]