Aug 30, 2013

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Speed Runners Available Now On Steam Early Access

Speed Runners Available Now On Steam Early Access


PC users rejoice as the fun superhero-themed competitive platforming game, SpeedRunners, developed by Double Dutch Games and Tiny Build Studios, is going to be available on Steam Early Access.  Not only is there a steep discount for Steam members, but they will also have an advantage over those who buy it on launch day by being able to practice the maps during the Early Access period.


SpeedRunners is a fun superhero-themed platforming game where the player needs to race past your opponents through traps and obstacles towards the scene of the crime.  This game can be played in any combination of local or internet play.

Some of the game’s notable features:

  • 4 Player Competitive Platform Racing
  • Local and Online Multiplayer
  • You can play in any combination – 4 people online, 2 sitting on a couch playing vs people online, whatever!
  • Everyone sees same thing, so the person in front has a disadvantage of not seeing what’s coming ahead
  • Interactive environments with traps
  • Power ups and weapon pick ups

Speed Runners is available for PC here on Steam for $9.99 and get early access to all the fun!

[Source: Tiny Build Studios, Double Dutch Games]