Aug 30, 2013

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Meet Ground Pounders, A New Wargame to hit Kickstarter

Meet Ground Pounders, A New Wargame to hit Kickstarter


Who wants a war game, in SPACE? I know I would love that, with futuristic tanks and all. Well, I present to you the answer in the form of Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders, a new hex-based sci-fi strategy game with them tanks I always wanted.

The game, which is set in the Sword of the Stars universe, sees players taking control of tanks, aircraft and other futuristic looking army tech in 3 different factions, fighting different battles and campaigns from the Hiver War era. Taking some inspiration from games like Panzer General, the game will be fully enjoyable in both single player and multi-player.

The game even has a alpha demo available to download right now, so check it out on the Kickstarter page, if it reaches it target goal, the game will land on PC and Android devices in December, but if backers hit the stretch goals, then the game will also be released on IOS, Mac and Linux.

Hit the source link to find the Kickstarter project, and try out the alpha demo today.

[Source:  Kerberos Productions]