Aug 29, 2013

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ATLUS To Publish Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

ATLUS To Publish Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure


What started as a successful Kickstarter project is now a PC adventure title that will be published by ATLUS. Big Finish Games’  Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, previously known as Tesla Effect: Project Fedora, is the sixth entry in the FMV adventure series known for its sardonic humor and is the first one to be released since 1998.

It seems that a lot of ATLUS personnel have fond memories of the series and that was one reason for the company to approach Big Finish Games to aid in marketing and publishing the title. Bill Alexander, vice president of production and business development for ATLUS, commented:

“The Tex Murphy franchise is definitely much beloved around the ATLUS office; a lot of us were playing Tex games before we started our careers in the games industry. ATLUS has a great penchant for stepping in to help developers bring their incredible games to market, and we are eager to breathe new life into this classic franchise. We hope that it will bring back fond memories for Tex Murphy fans as well as introduce a new generation of gamers to his one-of-a-kind humor.”

In Tesla Effect, you help Tex Murphy, a down on his luck gumshoe in the post-WWII apocalyptic world, figure out the mystery behind a brutal attack. One that has wiped seven years worth of memories from his head and left a gaping head wound and injection mark. Who could have done this and what motivated them to do so? There’s only way to find out.

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is expecting to be released on Steam in early 2014. Stick with us as we keep you up to date on all the latest news for this single-player adventure title.

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