Aug 28, 2013

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Wii U Price Drop Announced

Wii U Price Drop Announced


Today Nintendo decided, out of nowhere, to drop the bomb of a new edition of the 3DS minus the 3D, an official price drop for the Wii U, and a slew of release dates. All those announcements just in an email, not a Nintendo Direct and not at Gamescom, TGS, or E3. Just your typical Press Release. Regardless, the price drop is a great thing for those that were on the fence, including myself. The Wii U Deluxe will now be sold for $299.99.

If that wasn’t enough, Nintendo confirmed the existence of the Limited Edition Wind Waker HD Bundle. The digital version of WWHD actually comes out on September 20th, a couple weeks before the physical version releases on October 4th. The bundle comes with a special Zelda-themed GamePad and a download code for WWHD and the Hyrule Historia. The bundle will have the same retail price as the Deluxe, $299.99, so pre-order yours now!

[Source: Nintendo]