Aug 23, 2013

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Want Embers? Natsume Outlines Where To Get ‘Em

Want Embers? Natsume Outlines Where To Get ‘Em


This fall, apparently “Gotta catch ‘em all” doesn’t have to do with just Pok√©mon. As pre-order bonuses for Hometown Story, you can get one of various colors of embers, a kind of cute mascot for the game.

Blue ones were given out at E3, but a green, red, and yellow ember will also be available, depending on where you place your preorder.

To get the green one, order with Gamestop; to get the red, order with Amazon. The yellow will be exclusive to Natsume’s online store (not yet listed in their catalog as of this writing).

Personally, I’d love to have all four since I got the blue one at E3, but it might be a bit much for me to order the game three times.

Which ones do you guys want?

Natusme also teases other pre-order bonuses in the future, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on those as they’re revealed.

Hometown Story still has no set release date, but it’s expected to launch some time this fall for Nintendo 3DS.

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