Aug 23, 2013

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Rock Band Network Producer to Head Bandfuse Music Licensing

Rock Band Network Producer to Head Bandfuse Music Licensing


Those eagerly awaiting Bandfuse have reason to rejoice.  Just when you think that Bandfuse couldn’t fit anything else into the huge package it promises to be, Realta Entertainment announced Jeff Marshall as Director of Artist Relations and Content Licensing.  Jeff Marshall, former executive producer at Harmonix Music Systems and a major force behind other music-based video games like Rock Band 3 and the Rock Band Network, in his new position will be responsible for securing music content and planning the road map of DLC for Bandfuse: Rock Legends.  The words of Steve Gomes, CEO of Realta Entertainment, are most telling of the direction that Bandfuse is headed:

“Jeff was a huge creative force for the Rock Band Network, which broke new ground in terms of giving indie bands and artists a new outlet for reaching fans.  His skill in cultivating new musical talent and finding what gamers will love to play is impressive and we’re thrilled to work with him on BandFuse’s roadmap.”

With Bandfuse allowing you to connect instruments like the guitars, bass guitars, and microphones just to simulate the band experience, as well as bringing Jeff Marshall onboard, Bandfuse seems to be writing a check it may very well be able to cash.

[Source: Realta Entertainment]