Aug 23, 2013

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NeoGeo Holds an All-Star Brawl

NeoGeo Holds an All-Star Brawl


NeoGeo’s most well known characters are competing in a tournament that will pit one hero against another.  The victor of these one on one matches will be determined by vote.  The participants of this tournament will include fan favorites from NeoGeo’s classic hits like Metal Slug, Last Blade, and Art of Fighting. However, only you can determine the winner, so go here to cast your vote.

And don’t think this story ends here, because fans who cast their vote are entered in a drawing with over $1,000 in prizes,  which includes the NEOGEO X Gold Limited Edition entertainment system, NEOGEO X Mega Pack: Vol. 1, and a second NEOGEO X Arcade Stick as the Grand Prize.

The tournament commenced Monday with Marco Russi of Metal Slug winning 76% of the vote over Moriya Minakata of Last Blade.  Round two saw a much closer match and consisted of Rock Howard of Garou: Mark of the Wolves beating Robert Garcia of Art of Fighting with 59% of the vote.  Round three saw a yet even closer match with Sho Hayate of Savage Reign fame winning 52% of the vote over Silver of Nam-1975 .  Round four saw Hanzo Hattori of World Heroes winning 52% of the vote over Kaede of Last Blade fame.  The fifth round commenced today with the advancing Marco Rossi of Metal Slug facing off against Genjuro Kibagami of Samurai Shodown II.

Did any of your favorites advance or fail?  Or do your favorites have yet to be seen?  Remember to cast your vote and keep up with the tournament here on Facebook because, there’s plenty more competition to go.

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