Aug 22, 2013

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Ravaged Gets Zombie Apocalypse Upgrade

Ravaged Gets Zombie Apocalypse Upgrade

If you missed Ravaged the first time around, now might be a good time to get on board.  2Dawn Games has released an expansion to its Zombie-themed multiplayer game Ravaged.  In fact it is so big, according to 2Dawn Games, that they have titled it Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse.  This expansion comes with many features including:

  • Five NEW Zombie Infested Maps
  • Multiple Zombie Types
  • New Vehicle Gas System for Zombie Maps
  • New Loot System
  • New Revive Capability for Zombie Maps
  • Multiple Ways to Play
  • New Zombie Squad
  • 35 New Ravaged Zombie Steam Achievements
  • Five Resistance classes to choose from

Also included in the expansion are additional gameplay modes and features to the original Ravaged game like:

  • New Game Mode “Resource Run Valley”
  • New Tank Hill Thrust Map
  • Traditional Ravaged Additions
  • Ravaged Trading Cards are Now Available

Released August 19, this expansion is currently available on sale on Steam for $9.99. The offer ends August 26 so if you’re thinking of getting it,make sure to get it now!

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[Source: Reverb Publishing]