Aug 22, 2013

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New Etrian Odyssey Untold Story Trailer

New Etrian Odyssey Untold Story Trailer YouTube Preview Image

Today, Atlus released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming 3DS dungeon-crawling RPG, Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. The trailer depicts the story mode of the game, a very first for the series.

In case you’re wondering just what Etrian Odyssey is, it is a hardcore, first-person JRPG with heavy focuses on dungeon-crawling where you even draw your dungeon maps on the touch screen like in the RPGs of decades past. Now, if you are an Etrian Odyssey fan and you’re wondering why another game is coming out just right after the fourth installment was released a couple months back, this is a remake of the original DS game.

[Source: Atlus]