Aug 19, 2013

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Ubisoft’s RPG Child of Light Revealed

Ubisoft’s RPG Child of Light Revealed


It was announced at GDC Europe that the director of Far Cry 3. Patrick Plourde. is leading a project inspired by JRPGs and the art of fairy tales titled Child of Light.

Inspired by painters such as Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac, Plourde said that he wanted to work on something soft, small and feminine, not easily-sellable violence or testosterone, as he had done with Far Cry 3 and other AAA titles in the past. He also described his game as a combination of Final Fantasy VI and Limbo, blending sidescrolling platforming and turn-based fights.

Child of Light will be a coming-of-age tale of a young woman, and is using the UbiArt framework, first used by Rayman Origins, which allows the team to implement a 2D-artstyle inspired very much by concept art from Square’s JRPGs, in particular Final Fantasy. Plourde says that his team can create a world, unlike Final Fantasy games, that can look like the high-profile concept art games are based upon.

The game will be downloadable, not free-to-play, and not released on mobile.

[Source: Polygon; Image Source: IGN]