Aug 16, 2013

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Q-Games Releases New Visualizer App for PS3

Q-Games Releases New Visualizer App for PS3


Bored of the same old visuals on your PS3? Q-Games has just released  a new app for the PS3 simply titled “Visualizer“.  Having already developed the built-in visualizers, Q-Games’ latest app is a set of over two dozen new and different visualizers you can view while listening to music on your PS3.

Historically Q-Games is known for many of its technological achievements in the games industry, including its famed PixelJunk series.  Also among these is designing the PS3′s visual effects, XMB Bar, and visualizers already built into the PS3. They also handled designing the PS Vita’s interface.

So whether if you’re looking to impress at a party or simply want a fancy screensaver for your TV, Visualizer is now available in the apps section of the PlayStation Store for $4.99. Here’s the trailer to give you an idea of what type of visuals you can expect from the new app:

YouTube Preview Image

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