Aug 15, 2013

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Vlambeer Reveal Their Next Project, “Roguelike-like” Wasteland Kings

Vlambeer Reveal Their Next Project, “Roguelike-like” Wasteland Kings


The developer of games such as LUFTRAUSERS and Ridiculous Fishing, Vlambeer, has announced their next game – a top-down shooter titled Wasteland Kings.

Originally starting as a prototype created during Mojam 2013, the game is described as a “Roguelike-like” where players must make their way though randomly generated areas with weapons and special powers.

Rami Ismail of Vlambeer describes the project as “a really fun Experiment”:

“We always said that being open is the best way to exist as an indie developer, and we felt like taking that to the extreme.”

Wasteland Kings will be heading for not only Steam Early Access but also the PAX Prime Indie Megabooth, and development will be streamed through Vlambeer’s Twitch Channel.

[Source: Destructoid]