Aug 14, 2013

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Disney Infinity to Receive Mobile App Integration

Disney Infinity to Receive Mobile App Integration


Disney Interactive is throwing everything they have at Disney Infinity and with only days left till the release date, they still have more features to announce. Today they announced two apps that aim to enhance your experience.

The first app titled Disney Infinity: Action! allows you to create a video and add in Disney Infinity characters like Mr. Incredible, Sulley and Capt. Jack Sparrow. It’s a free app that will be available on iTunes and the Windows Store on August 15 and will be coming soon to the Google Play Store.

Features of the app include:

  • Discover unique animations and use them in the Movie Maker to create your own movies
  • Choose from a high caliber cast of characters including Mr. Incredible, Sulley and Jack Sparrow
  • More than 30 animations to use in videos such as flexing muscles with Mr. Incredible, sword fighting with Jack Sparrow and scaring a friend with Sulley
  • Use props in your videos such from Disney staples like Tron and Toy Story
  • Share the movies by posting to Facebook or YouTube or sending via email

Check out the trailer below to see how you can put the Disney characters into your movie:

YouTube Preview Image

The Disney Infinity Toy Box app is an app that will allow you to build and edit levels from your iPad. Players can transfer any creation between their tablet and console, which will allow you to continue any creation from where you left off. You can also unlock more props, characters and decorations from this app. This free app will be available in the coming weeks.

Features of the app include:

  • Intuitive multi-touch controls for building and playing the Toy Box mode.
  • More than 60 free items to build Toy Box creations – including terrain, track pieces and decorations.
  • The ability to transfer creations cross-platform for further editing/play.
  • Any item unlocked in a player’s console Toy Box will become available in the app.
  • Play with Mr. Incredible for free. Use web codes included with toys at retail or make purchases in-app to bring more than 20 of your favorite Disney and Disney/Pixar characters into the Toy Box app

I’m very intrigued by this iPad app as it will allow you to multitask and design levels/worlds while watching TV or a Disney movie for some inspiration. Disney Interactive aren’t pulling any punches with Disney Infinity and they hope these apps will help bring the Infinity world with you wherever you go.

Disney Infinity is set to release later this week on August 18 on the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U.