Aug 13, 2013

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World of Warcraft’s PvP Season 13 Coming to an End

World of Warcraft’s PvP Season 13 Coming to an End


Blizzard has announced that the current PvP season in World of Warcraft is reaching its final days of bloodshed. In two weeks time on Tuesday, August 27th, the process to determine seasonal rewards will begin so now’s your chance to slip in those extra Arena or RBG hours if you want to be considered for the titles or exclusive mount. Elite armor will no longer be available for purchase once the season ends, but these are mainly for bragging rights since the only change is in color, not stats. Conquest points will be converted to honor points (we all know the drill), and any Honor above 4k will be converted into gold at 35 silver per point. At this moment, I’m wondering if I should continue to participate in Arena and pull my hair out for the next two weeks or wait for the new patch to roll about. In any case, I have more than enough time to complete my set but something tells me that I’ll probably regret working that hard once I see Tyrannical gear available for purchase via regular honor points.

Moving away from personal rants, it is also mentioned that Season 14 is scheduled to begin one week after the current season ends (supposedly with a revamped system as dictated by the patch notes). In a nutshell, Arena teams will no longer be needed, and players have the option of partnering up with friends from different servers. With this official announcement under the PvP lens, it certainly looks like players will be seeing patch day by the end of August. Will this date mark the departure of more players? Or will the new patch deliver more “action-packed” gameplay? Tune in for updates.